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Data Lake Shore


Businesses today struggle to maintain a healthy flow of qualified leads flowing into their business. It takes a lot of effort to collect and aggregate leads into a sales pipeline.

We provide a 'push' model for qualified leads that directly enter the sales process for you. Compare that with the 'pull' model you use today, where you are taking steps to pull those leads into your sales pipeline.

For example, our platinum plan can provide 10,000 qualified leads every month directly into your sales process. A great example is our integration with

Many rely on personal networking events, cold calling, and web keyword matching. COVID has made in-person events somewhat difficult to do. and the quality of the leads is not always of the highest caliber. Some have started large Zoom meetings to try to replicate the experience of a large crowd. These work, but not as efficiently as most would like.

We are providing you with a new alternative. You can subscribe to one of our plans and we will customize the attributes that are appropriate to your market. We can even add predictive analytics on data such as the probability to buy.


You still have a lot of work to do to get them to become a fan. We're investigating how we might help you move a lead we provide into a prospect. Depending on the relationship we are open to engaging with leads and sending you prospects, adding tremendous value to the data we provide.


We automatically integrate leads into your existing CRM system every month. If you do not have a CRM system we will provide you one at no charge.


We dramatically improve the quality of leads via data science. Our delivery of qualified and vetted leads is far beyond anything else on the market. Our subscription/tiered approach makes it affordable. 

We start with a database of over 200 million consumers. We work with our customers to filter their leads based on the criteria that makes sense for them. This is typically geography and net worth. There are over 100 attributes that we can filter on.

As an example, a customer might ask for leads for families with a net worth greater than 20M with an interest in wine, no additional real estate holdings, and liquid assets greater than $200,000.

We then generate this dataset. The next step is to integrate this data into the customer's sales system. If they are using Salesforce, we leverage their API to import these leads directly into their system. It's similar for other CRM/Sales systems. For those without a CRM system, we offer them one for free as part of our offering. If the customer prefers, we can also deliver leads as a simple file using JSON or other formatting options.

When a lead turns into a customer, we receive a data flow from our customer that we use to train our predictive model, crafted custom for each customer. Once we've received enough data, we can enrich our leads with a 'Probability of Close' attribute, expressed as a percent. If the customer has historical data, we can often leverage that from the start. Working with the customer, we decide the minimum probability they would still like to see. A typical example would be to filter out any leads with a probability of close less than 50%. The customer receives the same number of leads but with higher quality based off our patent-pending enrichment and the data sharing from our customer.


All software is hosted in the cloud so you do not need to invest in any  additional hardware.​



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