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Why are we better than our competitors?

Why are we better?

We deliver leads – that’s fine. Simply providing people as leads is not that compelling.

We are unique in that we push them right into the customer’s CRM.

That’s one unique benefit.

Our primary value comes from the software add-in we put into the customer’s CRM that calls us back using a REST API into our cloud machine learning model we create for each customer hosted in AWS.

Here is the magic:

  • As the customer’s CRM updates as the leads move through the funnel, we get notified, and it trains the model.

  • If a lead fails, we know about it. If it succeeds, we know about it.

  • We use the 300 attributes we have on each customer to train the model.

  • After getting enough data, we can add a new property to the leads called ‘probability of close.’

  • If a lead has a probability of close of less than 50%, we exclude it from the list of leads. So the leads get better and better over time.

  • The customer gets 100 leads a month, but the leads in month 1 are far less quality than those in month six, where we’ve kicked out the low probability of close people.

  • That is what we do that nobody else in the world does, and this is what is patent-pending.

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