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We're Up for the a WorldFestival 2022 Innovation Award

I'm also submitted as a speaker.

Great! Thank you for submitting your WorldFestival 2022 Innovation Award Nomination

WorldFestival 2022 Startup & Innovation Awards

Contact Name *

Damon Carr

Contact Email *

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Contact's Job Title *

CEO/CTO and Founder

Company Name *

Data Lake Shore Inc

Product Name (if different)


Award Category (First choice) Category Descriptions:*

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Award Category (Second choice) Optional Category Descriptions:

3D Printing & Manufacturing


Laguna Niguel, CA

Country (Where company is based) *

United States

Continent (Where company is based) *

North America

Scale of Company Startup: Startup Award applicants must have raised less than $10 million in funding (or have less than $10 million in revenues), have fewer than 30 employees, and be less than 10 years old. Company/Organization: Innovation Award applicants must have a technology or product/solution that has been launched in the last 5 years, and the parent company/organization has at least $10 million in funding, or at least $10 million in revenues or more than 30 employees. Meeting any of these criteria will qualify you. *


If you win a spot in the Top 50 Startups, will you be able to travel to San Francisco (August 10, 2022) and exhibit at your table? *

  • Yes

Nominee Website *

Full product pitch / description (Max 1000 characters) *

We have patent-pending AI that has fundamentally changed the way leads are generated and distributed for US companies. Now our focus is targetting the high-end real-estate industry and high-net-worth families. However, our technology works for any business. The AI learns as leads are either closed or fail. Once enough data is collected, we assign a probability of close to each lead and filter out low probability items. Over time, leads get better and better. We automatically push these leads into your existing CRM system every month and set up the callbacks into our API so we can enhance the AI model. No one else in the world is doing this. We have apatent-pendingg for our AI process. It might disrupt and revolutionize how leads for thousands of businesses are delivered. Business owners can focus on what they do bes without worrying about gaining leads as we send them directly to them ever month.

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