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Data Lake Shore

Damon Carr

CEO / CTO / Founder

Giles Nugent

Board Member

Board Member - Ex EVP PIMCO

Drew Vaden

Board Member - Ex-CTO PIMCO





We have patent-pending AI that has fundamentally changes the way companies generate and distribute leads for US companies. Now, our focus is targeting the high-end real-estate and insurance industries and high-net-worth families. However, our technology works for any business. The AI learns as leads are either closed or fail.

Once enough we collect enough data, we assign a probability of close to each lead and filter out low probability items. Over time, leads get better and better. We automatically push these leads into your existing CRM system every month and set up the callbacks into our API, so we can enhance the AI model.

No one else in the world is doing this. We have a patent pending for our AI process. It might disrupt and revolutionize the sales process for thousands of businesses. Business owners can focus on what they do best without worrying about gaining leads, as we send them directly to them every month. Our invention could save countless hours of work spent on prospecting, cold calling, networking, and gaining leads.


We have a proven system that removes the burden on business people to generate and find qualified leads. Over time, our AI improves the lead quality. 71% of American businesses report that lead quality and generation in one of their top problems. We source our data from the same provider that the credit agencies use. We have over 300 data points such as geography (zip code, area code, FIPS code, etc.) and net worth, behaviors, interests, homes owned and mortgages, children, and many others. Furthermore, we enrich this data to gain work history, professions, schools attended, and much more,


We’re happy to provide supporting materials like our patent application, more specific details about how our AI works (but an NDA would need to be in place), or any other materials you may need.

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